14 Weird Sleeping Habits Of Tremendous-Profitable Individuals

For busy, profitable individuals, sleep is a valuable commodity, uncommon and treasured.

So on the subject of getting a strong night time of shut-eye, some do all the things they will to not let insomnia, strain at work, or loud night breathing spouses get in the best way, even when meaning making a bizarre nightly routine or napping to get via the day.

This is a take a look at probably the most weird sleeping habits of 14 extremely profitable individuals.

Tom Cruise sleeps in a soundproof “snoratorium”.

Tom Cruise sleeps in a soundproof "snoratorium."

Featureflash / Shutterstock.com


Cruise’s snores are apparently so dangerous that he sleeps in a soundproof “snoratorium.” Cruise transformed a small room as soon as a nursery behind his home to a soundproof area the place he can snore in peace.

“Whoever makes use of the loud night breathing room can’t be heard outdoors the locked door,” an alleged customer to the actor’s home informed the Every day Mail. “It is very small, snug, and darkish.”


Winston Churchill took a two-hour nap day by day.

Winston Churchill took a two-hour nap every day.


Each day at 5 p.m., the prime minister would drink a weak whiskey and soda earlier than taking a two-hour nap. Churchill stated this brief “siesta” allowed him to get 1 1/2days’ value of labor completed each 24 hours.

Churchill would typically work by way of the night time and have become often known as fairly thenight owl.As a result of ofhis irregular sleep schedule,he was statedto carry Conflict Cupboard conferences in his tub.

Mariah Carey surrounds her mattress with 20 humidifiers and wishes 15 hours of shut-eye per night time.

Mariah Carey surrounds her bed with 20 humidifiers and needs 15 hours of shut-eye per night.

Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Pictures

“I’ve acquired to sleep 15 hours to sing the best way I need to,” Carey toldInterviewmagazine in 2007.

The singer additionally acknowledged sheslept with 20 humidifiers round her mattress, which soothe sore throats and add moisture to dry air.”Principally, it is like sleeping in a steam room,” she stated.

Charles Dickens slept dealing with north to enhance his creativity.

Dickens, who reportedly suffered from insomnia, all the time stored a navigation compass with him tobe sure that he wrote and slept dealing with north.

The writerbelieved this quirky practiceimproved his creativity.

Marissa Mayer catches up on sleep throughout weeklong holidays each 4 months.

Marissa Mayer catches up on sleep during weeklong vacations every four months.

AP Photograph

Yahoo’s CEO is understood to be a workaholic, typically clocking as many as 130 hours in every week, which does not depart her a lot time for sleep. To catch up,she rechargesby taking weeklong holidays each 4 months.

Novelist Emily Bront walked round in circles till she fell asleep.

Novelist Emily Bront walked around in circles until she fell asleep.


The 19th-century novelist and poet suffered from insomnia, and she or he wouldstroll round her eating room desk till she felt drained sufficient to go to sleep.

Arianna Huffington turned her bed room right into a “slumber palace.”

Arianna Huffington turned her bedroom into a "slumber palace."

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Photographs

After collapsing from exhaustion in 2007 and waking up in a pool of her personal blood Arianna Huffington turned an advocate for getting a very good night time’s sleep.

Huffington turned her bed room right into a “slumber palace,” full with a canopied mattress and blackout curtains.Earlier than mattress, sheturns off her telephone and plugs all her electronics in to cost in a single day outdoors the bed room. She then takes a scorching tub, full of Epsom salt and lavender oil, to calm her thoughts and assist her overlook the stresses of the day.

What she wears issues as nicely, and Huffington sleeps solely in clothes meant for slumber; no previous health club T-shirts allowed right here. Lastly, she dives right into a ebook on poetry or philosophy and lets it lull her to sleep.

Martha Stewart sleeps solely 4 hours an evening.

Martha Stewart sleeps only four hours a night.


Stewart’s onerous work is clear in her success, however different elements of her life have suffered, together with her sleep schedule. She will get up hours earlier than her crew arrives at 6:30 a.m. to prepare dinner breakfast for a number of pets together with horses, donkeys, and greater than200 chickens.

Stewart additionally stays up late studying or watching late-night TV. “It is an exhausting way of life, and I all the time say sleep can go,” she informed WebMD. “It isn’t necessary to me proper now.”

Michael Phelps sleeps in a chamber with air similar to that at an elevation of eight,500 to 9,00zero ft.

Michael Phelps sleeps in a chamber with air comparable to that at an elevation of 8,500 to 9,000 feet.

REUTERS/Michael Dalder

By putting his bed room surroundings at ahighaltitude, Phelps decreases the quantity of oxygen out there, which forces his physique to work more durable to supply extra purple blood cells and ship oxygen to his muscle tissues. It additionally helps Phelpsimprove his efficiency endurance and put together himself for competitions at excessive elevations.

“As soon as I am already in my room I nonetheless should open a door to get into my mattress,”Phelps stated on the CBS Information program “60 Minutes” in 2012. “It is identical to an enormous field. It is like ‘boy and the bubble.'”

Inventor Nikola Tesla by no means slept for greater than two hours a day.

Tesla acquired extra out of the day together with his restricted sleep schedule. Like Da Vinci, Telsa additionally adopted the Uberman sleep cycle andclaimed to by no means sleep for greater than two hours a day. He oncereportedly labored for 84 hours straight in a lab with none relaxation.

“I don’t assume there’s any thrill that may undergo the human coronary heart like that felt by the inventor as he sees some creation of the mind unfolding to success … Such feelings make a person overlook meals, sleep, associates, love, the whole lot,” he stated.

Lyndon B. Johnson divided his day into two shifts.

The previous president cut up his day into two elementsto get extra executed. He often awakened at about6:30 or 7 a.m. and labored till 2 p.m. After a fast bout of train, Johnson would crawl again into mattress for a 30-minute nap, getting up round four p.m. and dealing into the early morning.

Johnson reportedly picked up his napping routine from his predecessor John F. Kennedy, who additionally broke up his day into shifts.

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