Intense Fitness Boot Camp in San Jose


Get Fit Silicon Valley is a San Jose Fitness Boot Camp.

Boot camp workouts are one of the best types of workouts for your body. They are very effective, because they incorporate strengthening exercises, balance, and flexibility improvement. When your workout includes these three components, your muscles tighten and tone, your metabolism increases, and your body changes quite rapidly.

The Get Fit Silicon Valley boot camp (in San Jose) is run outdoors and in the sun. Virtually every exercise utilizes ONLY your body weight. This helps you lose inches from your waist and belly, and melt the fat off of your body safely and effectively.

In addition to toning and weight loss, your ability to move (run, jump, sprint, etc.) becomes more fluid and more athletic.

If you like to go hiking, play sports, go rock climbing, or other participate in activities that require a moderate to intense fitness level, the Get Fit SV boot camp workouts will heighten your fitness level so those activities become relatively easy to perform.

Led by Dr. John Blenio, D.C., A.R.T., you not only get a fantastic workout, but he teaches you about your muscles, how to improve your nutrition, and how to stay healthy.

Check out the website at or
Dr. John Blenio’s Functional Rehabilitation and Sports Therapy practice can be found at

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