Gilbert Rogin, former Sports Illustrated managing editor, dies

Gilbert Rogin, who was the managing editor of Sports Illustrated for five years, has died. 

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            <p>Gilbert Rogin, who was the managing editor of <em>Sports Illustrated </em>for five years, has died. 

            Rogin<span> was born in 1929 and became managing editor of </span><em>Sports Illustrated</em><span> in 1979. He held the post until 1984, when he left to become managing editor of </span><em>Discover</em><span> magazine. </span>Rogin<span> retired from Time Inc. as a corporate editor in 1991. </span>
            Rogin also contributed to the <em>New Yorker</em> and authored multiple books. Along with Quincy Jones, Rogin is credited with creating the hip-hop quarterly magazine <em>Vibe</em>. 
            Rogin was described as "<a href="" target="_blank">eccentrically brilliant</a>" and is viewed as a titan of New York magazine publishing. 

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