Grasp Reclining Hand-to-Massive Toe Pose in 5 Steps


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Safely opens the hamstrings and releases the decrease again when carried out with a wholesome lumbar curve.


  1. Lie in your again together with your legs collectively, ft flexed, as if standing in Tadasana (Mountain Pose). Breathe steadily.
  2. Anchor your inside thighs towards the ground; arch your decrease again away from the ground sufficient so as to move your hand underneath the small of your again.
  3. With out flattening the curve in your decrease again, bend your left knee and carry it into your chest. Maintain your left thigh with each arms clasped close to your knee. Concurrently, anchor your proper inside thigh to the mat to assist maintain the lumbar curve. Pushing your left thigh away out of your chest will help keep the curve as properly.
  4. Begin to straighten your left leg towards the ceiling. If it trembles or should you can’t straighten it simply, use a strap across the arch of your foot and place your leg farther away from you so you’ll be able to straighten it with out pressure. Maintain the muscular tissues in each legs engaged and powerful.
  5. Check your hamstring flexibility by drawing your leg nearer to your chest, preserving it straight whereas sustaining a pure lumbar curve in your low again. In case your again begins to flatten, you’ve reached your edge and will again off barely. Maintain this pose for five breaths, after which slowly launch your left leg to the ground; repeat on the opposite aspect.

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