How To Do Happy Hour Without Getting Fat

By the time your office clock hits 5:30 pm and you suddenly have no available hands to hold the elevator for your co-workers, the only thing on your mind is happy hour obviously. Meeting friends for drinks after work is the only thing that makes the workday bearable, but no one wants to gain 10 pounds off margaritas and guac every night. I mean, we love having a social life, but we also love fitting into our skinny jeans. Here are some tips on how to enjoy happy hour without gaining weight.


1. Avoid Drinks With Syrups

If you’re not careful, your drink order can majorly screw up your diet during happy hour. Avoid drinks with syrups and you’re avoiding like, 600 grammes of sugar right there. I don’t really care if your whole crew is splitting three pitchers of strawberry margaritas you don’t want it. Vodka soda or wine is usually a safe bet, or just get a martini but ask for no syrup in it. Even some Sangrias have syrups in them, so make sure you actually read the menu before ordering your second round.

2. Eat Something Beforehand

If you’re coming to drinks straight from work, eat something small at your desk so you don’t show up ravenous and chow down the entire bowl of tortilla chips (speaking from experience). People usually order a bunch of appetizers for the table, and its fine to snack on those, but if you’re starving, you’ll eat so much more than you planned. Showing up after eating already will save you from hundreds of unwanted calories and will save you from looking like the group fat ass.

3. Share Your Order

When everyone starts browsing the menu, get some friends to share things with you. You don’t have to be the annoying girl getting an undressed side salad when everyone else is getting fish tacos, but at least be smart about your portion sizes. When splitting a few things with friends, you’ll each just take a few bites of what you order, so you’re not actually committing to eating a personal pie if you split one with three other people. Plus, you’re basically saving everyone from over eating, so they can thank you later.

4. Put Things On Your Plate

When there are a bunch of dishes in the middle of the table for everyone to share, it’s easy to just grab as the night goes on, but it’s also risky. If you’re not actually seeing everything you’re eating laid out in front of you, you’ll just keep grabbing and dipping without realizing you’ve basically consumed four meals at this point. By taking a little of everything and putting it on your plate, you’ll see how much you’re eating and determine your own portion sizes.

5. Sit In An Inconvenient Spot

Contrary to popular belief and what your fat self-wants you to think, the prime real estate at happy hour is anywhere that makes it too hard for your hand to keep reaching toward the bread bowl. Or the pretzel bowl. Or the French Fries. Whatever the fuck is available, sit far away from it. Our self-control might be amazing all day long, but when were buzzed and craving carbs, who knows how much we could consume if no one’s stopping us. I mean, it’s all fun and games until you realize you’ve eaten enough nachos to host a Cinco de Mayo party.    


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