Come August 2017, the hottest sport event in the world will be in the UK. The IAAF world championship will see the greatest athletes from across the globe return to Queen Elizabeth Olympic park for the unforgettable summer of world athletes.

The 2017 IAAF world championships is the 16th edition and is scheduled to be held in August 4-13 in London, United Kingdom. London was officially awarded the championship by the IAAF in Monaco on 11 November 2011.this was London forth bid in less than 15 years to host the sporting event. The championship is to be sprinter Usain Bolt and distance runner Mo Farah’s last.

London 2017 is also the first time that the IAAF world championship and the World Para Athletic championship will be held in the same summer, in the same city. That means 245 events and 20 days of sporting drama, 3300 athletes from around the globe.



Ticket start from £20 including for many of the most popular athletes events.

Child ticket for just £9.58

A family of four can cheer on the world greatest athletes-and have an amazing day out at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park for less than £60.


Last year, Usain Bolt, the eight time Olympic gold medalist and world record holder in the 100 and 200 meters, told the sporting world that he aspired to be included in the pantheon of sports with Pele and Mohammed Alli. For all instant and purpose the Jamaican sprinter is already there ever since he rose to prominence in 2008, he never lost a race when it counted. Not even giant like Michael Phelps or Bjorn Daehile can make that claim.

Bolt has announced that he will retire after this season and that the world championship will be his last major competition, he will only be racing the 100-meters (and the 4×100 relay), where the final is scheduled for august5. Don’t miss the chance to see Bolt in action. Surely we won’t see someone like him again.

Along with Usain Bolt.The IAAF World championship will also be the last major championship for Mo Farah, the British distance runner who has been unbeatable in recent year and will be looking to pull of the previous unthinkable feat of winning both the 5,000 and the 10,000 meters for the third consecutive time in the world championship competition.

It is not really fair that someone can be so good for so long. But it’s mesmerizing to behold.




The local organizing committees are working hand in hand with the metropolitan police and the mayor of London to do everything possible to protect visitors to the park. If you are visiting London stadium, please allow a little bit more time for bag check and searches and consider if you need to bring a bag with you. For more information please visit the London 2017 website.

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