The Greatest Meals To Fight A Submit-Run Upset Abdomen

We’ve all been there: You simply completed a long term and your abdomen feels a bit wonky, however you haven’t eaten in hours and you understand you want meals. Between the waves of nausea, you are feeling fairly ravenous. The considered placing meals in your abdomen sounds horrible and superb on the similar time. Some meals might assist with indigestion, whereas others can do the other. What’s a runner to do?

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The BRAT Food regimen

Initially created for youngsters with diarrhea and upset stomachs, BRAT stands for bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. What do all of those meals have in widespread? They’re low-fiber easy carbs which are straightforward to digest. In different phrases, they’re good for runners with abdomen points that want to exchange glycogen shops however don’t need to upset their abdomen with tons of fiber.

In case your abdomen issues have you ever operating to the toilet, you’ll be able to shortly turn into dehydrated from diarrhea (sorry, it needs to be stated). The potassium in bananas aids in hydration, which is useful when the considered consuming water is nausea-inducing. The one drawback with this food regimen is that it lacks protein and different vitamins, so it’s undoubtedly not a long-term choice.

Different Soothing Meals

In case you really feel like your abdomen can deal with a bit greater than bananas, rice, applesauce and toast, nevertheless it’s not prepared for an entire meal, give these meals a attempt.

Ice Pops

These have some sugar to exchange glycogen, and the chilly icy feeling might assist soothe your abdomen. Keep away from varieties that include fructose or synthetic sweeteners within the components, as these may upset the abdomen.


Identical to toast, this easy carb is straightforward to digest and replaces some salt misplaced in sweat.

Cooked Cereal Or Boiled Potatoes

Clearly these aren’t the identical meals, however they’re each heat starches which might be straightforward on the abdomen.

Weak Tea Or Ginger Tea

Slowly sipping scorching liquid might assist soothe the abdomen. Moreover, ginger has been proven to ease digestive points.

Broth Or Noodle Soup

Soup is one other nice heat liquid for bellyaches, and the salt within the soup will help in hydration.

Avocado, Melon Or Papaya

These fruits are low in fiber and straightforward to digest. The fats within the avocado could also be somewhat an excessive amount of on the abdomen although, so eat it slowly.


The probiotics in yogurt can help digestion. Plus, it has protein to assist soothe drained muscle tissues. Attempt a couple of bites and see how you are feeling earlier than you down an entire container.

Floor Meat

In the event you’re feeling considerably okay, attempt some floor meat for a protein increase. The fats within the meat is perhaps an excessive amount of for the abdomen at first, so begin small.

Meals To Keep away from

Your abdomen will in all probability inform you that these meals gained’t go over properly, however right here’s just a little reminder–simply in case.

Fatty Meals

Something greasy or fried is certain to take a seat in your abdomen and trigger additional misery. Wait till tomorrow for that post-run burger.


Sadly, dairy may cause digestive points for some individuals. It’s greatest to keep away from this nutritious drink in case your abdomen is just not feeling okay.

Uncooked Veggies

One other nutritious choice that isn’t nice for an upset abdomen is uncooked veggies. The excessive fiber content material is simply an excessive amount of for a rumbling tummy to deal with.


I really like a very good cup of Joe (particularly after a morning run), nevertheless it weighs heavy in your abdomen. It’s greatest to keep away from espresso when your abdomen isn’t feeling proper. 


Sadly, additionally, you will want to attend till tomorrow for that post-run beer. Sorry!


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